Faro della Vittoria


The Faro della Vittoria in Trieste, designed by the architect A. Berlam and inaugurated in 1927, was built on the remains of a bastion of the ancient Austrian fort, dating back to the mid-nineteenth century.

In addition to its function as a guide to night navigation in the Gulf of Trieste, it is a commemorative monument dedicated to the sailors who fell during the First World War.

70 meters high, covered on the outside in stone blocks of the Karst and Istria, the lighthouse of Trieste is dominated by a dome which houses the illuminating element with an average intensity of 1,250,000 candles, with a range of 34- 35 miles.
The copper statue of the Winged Victory crowns the apex of the dome.

The ornamental part is completed by the imposing figure of the sailor, in Vrsar stone, under which is the anchor of the destroyer Audace, an Italian ship that first moored at the port of Trieste in November 1918.

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